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It’s GDPRmas! Did You Get What You Want?

Well, heck, figured I ought to be clear about your privacy here.

The only time we at Fleen gather information on you (your choice of name, website, email, plus we record your IP address) is when you comment. That’s it. Nothing else is gathered by Fleen (a wholly-owned subsidiary of me), other than what the webhost needs to send the pages in response to your browsing requests. Our version of WordPress is GDPR-compliant.

There are no intrusive ads (Project Wonderful doesn’t allow anything but simple images and links), no tracking, and I’m pretty sure the only cookies are the ones that determine if I’m logged in. We don’t sell anything about you to anybody. You come, you read, you leave, we’re done.

We at Fleen will not contact you unless you mail us (and maybe not even then), or in the course of collecting information for a story — and that’s less “only contact me under these circumstances” and more “hack webcomics pseudojournalism”.

By reading Fleen, you agree to the following privacy policy: We will leave you the hell alone. This is distinctly different from most sites you will visit, but as is established, beats us why most dudes suck. Sure as hell ain’t our scene.

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