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A Few Days Late, But Still Relevant

So I’ve spent the day trying to get Work Stuff™ in shape before I head off for The Comicest Place On Earth (aka Alaska Robotics Comics Camp), and there were issues with the site¹, so this is going to be a bit brief. Then again, it about something that, if you’re truly interested, you don’t need me talking at length, you need a link and then for me to get out of the way.

So then — on Friday last, C Spike Trotman (who is making noises about a YA line within Iron Circus, about which I will be certain to ask at ARCC) released a new e-book on the topic of marijuana. Not about the legal fights over legalization, or about the disparities of unequal prosecution and incarceration, but about the practical, nuts-and-bolts details of how to get high. Totally high, mildly high, completely balls-tripping high, plausibly deniable high, the whole range:

Twenty-six states and Washington, DC have decriminalized or legalized marijuana use, and more are joining the policy shift every year. Dispensaries are popping up everywhere, and experienced users are openly rejoicing—but where does that leave the marijuana newbie, cowed by years of Just-Say-No disinformation but curious about what they’ve missed?

Written by experienced, conscientious users and presented in an easy-to-read comic book format, How Do You Smoke Weed? fills that gap, covering everything from weed history to strains, couch-locks to body highs, and edibles to vaporizers. Perfect for the cannabis-curious, and with new insights for the veteran smoker.

Apart from the comics aspects, this is something I have absolutely zero interest in. My experiences with pot consist of a painful, resinous feeling in the back of my throat from being around people that smoke, which means I’ve never tried it myself because damn, it hurts just to be adjacent. Also, having a bedroom across the hall from my brother in high school, I probably would have failed any pee test due to proximity.

But you know what? ‘Long as y’all aren’t blowing smoke in my face (or stinking up my house), do what y’all want. Oh, and every state that legalizes weed? You have a moral obligation to release and expunge the records of everybody you imprisoned for possession².

You can find HDYSAW? in the Iron Circus Shop for five bucks (which will certainly pay for itself in reduced experimentation costs, if nothing else), 82 pages of non-hysterical info for your reading pleasure and future reference.

Spam of the day:

Check credit scores instantly

Gee, I dunno, what do you get from scrupulously paying off everything in full every month since forever?

¹ Grumble, grumble, DNS not finding my site on the wired internet, but phone’s over-the-air data working just fine.

² And, barring ancillary crimes of violence, dealing as well.

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