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Welcome Return, New Directions

It’s always nice to see new stuff from people. Nice, I tell you!

  • One of the nicest, happiest, sunniest bodies of work in all of webcomics is that of Scott C — everything he does has smiles. It doesn’t matter how dark the subject, it turns into a visit to the Mr Rogers version in his hands.

    He’s been busy with various projects of late, but he’s back with a new Great Showdown and a goal of updates twice a week. Match it up with a new general website and it’s a banner day for Scott C fans.

  • Know who’s always trying something new? Spike. We know her pattern by now — find the best comics creators — sexytimes, themed anthologies, specific books deserving wide-distro reprint — and Kickstart ’em until they glow. It works, every damn time. No need to stir things up.

    Except not stirring things up is boring, and Spike doesn’t do boring.

    The next Iron Circus book will not be comics, but an art collection. It’s an English-language debut by a Japanese illustrator with a body of work that hits a particular niche hard (which will delight some and cause others to shy away), an unusually high KS goal (US$40,000), and a mere fifteen days to raise it. We’re closing in on 12 days left and it’s raised 47%, and I have no idea how to evaluate this one on the usual math.

    There’s maybe enough backers for the FFF mk2 to come in¹, but I’ve never used the math on so short a campaign; I’m not sure the McDonald Ratio would work on something so brief², either. If the Fleen Funding Formula (Mark II) holds true, the 24-30 hour mark trend value of about US$125K gives a prediction of US$25K – 37.5K, which is below goal. But 47%+ in not quite three days would give a prediction closer to US$56K, comfortably over goal. I suspect that we’ve found a new boundary on when the FFF mk2 can be reliably used.

    So let’s say that if you like psychosexual³ visuals that have never been seen before in North America, now’s your time to get in on that. And if this doesn’t make goal (something about those words doesn’t make sense), we might discover Iron Circus trying something new again — because something tells me Spike isn’t going to let this book not be published, even if she has to front the money herself.

Spam of the day:

Sexually Explicit: gary tyrrell, Congrats, You’ve been approved – 84 new girls available jnjoh

Man, I must be really out of date with my sexually explicit habits and such. I don’t think I’ve ever jnjoh with even one girl, much less 84. I’m lame.

¹ Emphasis on maybe; there’s an odd bump upwards on day 2 (probably because it launched late at night and day one was only a few hours long).

² Kel McDonald’s own campaigns tend to the 45-60 duration.

³ Or possibly “disturbing”; potayto, potahto.

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