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Your Reluctance To Do Your Damn Job Does Not Obligate Me To Clean Up Your Mess

It does, however, seem that my desire to prevent another work-related disaster is chewing up all of my spare breathing time getting sucked into meetings (bloody meetings!) while you endlessly talk back and forth, hoping to run out the clock and make it my problem again.

  • Which is to say, you’re also depriving me of the time needed to talk about my beloved webcomics, including the Kickstart put up by the too-awesome-for-words Tony Breed for the next Muddler’s Beat collection, Have Fun, Leave Me Out Of It¹.

    Then again, there’s not much that needs saying; Tony’s awesome, his comic is awesome, he’s working with Make That Thing (who are jointly and severally awesome), and this is as close to a no-brainer as you can get in crowdfunding. The campaign is running a paltry fifteen days, it’s hit 46% funding (of the extraordinarily modest US$4500 goal) about a day in, and you’ll have your book by the end of June.

    Like, this June. Partly this is because Breed, et al, are awesome (see above), and partially because he’s had time to get everything just so; Muddler’s Beat has been on a retooling hiatus, and will return in minicomic form (leaving behind the daily strip format) in April. Not doing a daily strip is an excellent way to free up the time to get everything set on a book.

  • And since we are here, may I point out that the Kickstart for BACK Book 2 has two and a half days and 15% to go? You’re making me nervous, people. KC Green and Anthony Clark are two of the finest cartooning minds on the planet, and the thought that their collaboration is getting down to the wire is inconceivable.

    Also, it was written in the before times that if ever Green or Clark is thwarted, they’ll turn into monstrous elder gods (in Clark’s case, adorably wizard shaped) and consume (in no particular order) the sun, the Earth, and your soul. So you might want to get on that.

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¹ Breed comes up with the best titles; case in point: his last collection was titled Literally Everything Is Outside My Comfort Zone.

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