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Mystery No More

A question that has long puzzled me is why Rosemary Mosco has never had a collection of her comics work. Prints, sure — and they’re a delight — and a shirt or two are in her store, but no comprehensive collection of the past decade or so’s worth of delightful looks at the natural world. That puzzlement ends today:

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: I have a Bird and Moon collection coming out on April 17th through Andrews McMeel! I showed my advance copy to a discerning test reader and she described it as “delicious”. Preorder here: …

Birding Is My Favorite Video Game will be coming from Andrews McMeel (who more normally publish collections of comic strips¹, from Universal Press Syndicate, of which they’re a division) in April, and judging from the sample pages they’ve included², it’s going to be a fairly comprehensive gathering of her work. We’ll get the turkey vulture, and bird call mnemonics, of course, and I’d be astonished if we didn’t get misleading animal names.

And if Andrews McMeel knows what’s good for them, there will be a million posters printed with the instructions of what to do if you find a baby songbird out of the nest, which is simultaneously informative, delightful, and (thanks to the inclusion of the dromaeosaur) terrifying to Randall Munroe. That’s a win-win-win.

Birding Is My Favorite Video Game releases on 17 April, or you can pre-order it now. With any luck, Ms Mosco will make some signing appearances and we’ll all get to tell her how rad she is in person.

Spam of the day:
I thought about including a spam for mail-order brides and making a joke about Briding as a video game, but darn it, I’m all out. We’ll have to make do with this, instead:

We Have Detected Unusual Activity With Your Gmail Account on Your Computer
Login Has Occurred on 2/4/2018 @ 9:06 AM EST
From IP: Geo Location Found: Eastern Russia
If This Was Not You Please Call the Google Security Team
(Be at your computer)
1 855-739-7819

It would be a tremendous shame if a bunch of us were to call that number and point out to the bozos that answer that they are very bad people who are very bad at being scammers, and generally waste their time. I called to tell them that my dog’s breath smells like dog food and they didn’t like that at all.

¹ Notable exception: they publish Matt Inman’s Oatmeal collections.

² Including the table of contents, which shows just over 80 pages of comics, and Mosco’s got just about 85 strips in her Bird & Moon archive.

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