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Ramping Up To The Week

Let’s take it nice and easy to start this week, this month, this everything.

  • Katie Lane¹, legal counsel to the independent arts community, just can’t help helping. In response to an innocent bit of remarking how awesome she is from Steve Lieber, Lane has decided the appropriate action is to be awesomer still:

    Seems like maybe a couple people are curious about how creative contracts work. Sooooo…this week I’ll be sharing helpful info abt contracts on my Instagram stories.

    Make no mistake — this is Lane teaching people how to read contracts, skills that they might otherwise have to pay her to perform (and she likes reading contracts, so it’s a double-win for her when you do). She believes that all are better off when artists can do the simple stuff themselves (and for free), calling her (or her non-union Mexican equivalent) for the more challenging stuff only. Did I mention she’s awesome? Keep an eye on her Instagram this week for helpful tips.

  • Speaking of helpful, Katie Lane would like to be helpful and show you how to do stuff in person, and people on both coasts will have opportunities to do so. In Boston, she’ll be at the How Design Live conference in May, and West Coasters can see her in San Francisco at Bond in March.

    Bond is a new conference for internet-living-makers, partially organized by Andy McMillan of XOXO renown. It looks to be a good one, with time set aside for attendees to meet up and work through what they learned in the programming, a breathing space too often absent from conferences. And hey! Jesse Thorn is gonna be there.

  • Speaking of events full of cool people, Zach Weinersmith announced dates for the latest iterations of BAH! Fest today. Houston on 17 February (with Rob Den Bleyker), London on 17 March (with Boulet), and MIT on 22 April (with Max Tegmark). Tickets and/or idea submissions available/open now.

Spam of the day:

Plunge And Twist To Clean Paws

Okay, this is actually kind of clever. If only I didn’t have a dog that’s kind of an idiot about having his feet manipulated (which I attribute to racing track PTSD, screw you greyhound racing industry). Your URL isn’t a mass of unintelligible gibberish, but I’m still not clicking on any links. I’ll look for it in the pet store, though.

¹ Light-ning Law-yer!!

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