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Get Hourly

Hey, y’all, it’s Hourly Comics Day, which means you should check out all the great work being done quickly by awesome people. What follows is not a comprehensive list (that would be impossible), but merely ones I’ve liked so far in no particular order; in many cases, they are threaded from the start, but in others you’ll have to browse through their feed.

Jeffrey Rowland

Magnolia Porter

Danielle Corsetto

Angela Melick

Lukas Dante Landherrshepherd

Tony Breed

Vera Brosgol

Kat Efird

Carey Pietsch

Jessi Zabarsky

Shing Yin Khor

KC Green

Abby Howard

Zac Gorman

Got others you think people should check out? Drop a link to the start of the thread down in the comments.

Spam of the day:

Lock in 2017’s Highest Annuity Rates

  1. You sent this in January of 2018. Guess you’re still writing 2017 on your checks scams.
  2. Your prominent use of Republican Party imagery is (red-white-blue-and-stars elephant; old white people) is not likely to make me trust you.

Dang. I would totally do this if I wasn’t… overseas at a conference. I think I missed it last year because I was at the same conference. And will probably miss it again next year for the same reason. Why are all the annual events I’m interested in held at inconvenient times of the year?

Hanne Dewachter (Dork Toes):

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