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Guess Who Gets To Head To DFW Today?

Dallas/Fort Worth International is my nemesis, the airport that makes no sense, the place with roads that allow no exit, the sanity-stealer … and I say that as somebody whose home airport is Newark. I have to head there in a couple hours, so let’s get this done.

  • MoCCA Fest 2018 guests of honor have been announced, and Heidi Mac has the details before even MoCCA’s own site. I’m well familiar with Roz Chast and Mike Mignola, and I’m gratified to see that Nate Powell and Andrew Aydin (of March trilogy renown) are still being recognized for their contributions to John Lewis’s story, and I don’t know Argentinian cartoonist Liniers at all. Looks like a full length-and-breadth spectrum of creators. MoCCA Fest runs 7 & 8 April, in Manhattan, with a hilariously low entrance fee of seven bucks American.
  • One of my favorite things that David Malki ! does each year is gather up corrections for a year’s worth of comics and post them for the edification of his readers. The 2017 errata is no exception, with minor fictions “correcting” some gags (#1288; A Real Stand-Up Friend — The rhinoceros is definitely not going to stop doing that), elaborate explications of real-world knowledge (#1285; In which Tax is a Team Sport — a nearly 500 word summary of modern economic theory presented as a counterpoint to the joke premise), and in one case, a sincere correction.

    Originally run as one of the Recipe Comix at Saveur¹, Malki ! did a fabulous reminiscence of his father, via the medium of the salad his father made; in the wake of his own son’s birth, he ran it again at Wondermark, which now features the correction. The original called for a cup of olive oil (!), which is a hell of a lot for a salad featuring the bulk of one head of lettuce, two tomatoes, and a cucumber. As Malki ! explains,

    I have never actually measured how much to use! I always just drizzled it over the salad before tossing. It’s about 4–5 seconds of drizzling, which probably comes out closer to 4–5 tablespoons³.

    Which is much more reasonable, and any that look to the recipe, please use the amended amount unless you like really wet salad. Also, please enjoy the side-by-side comparison at top, and see what other changes Malki ! made over the course of nearly six years.

Spam of the day:

Stripchat Cam Model and Gamer Girl Warlock Princess Bares All in New Interview

Wow. You are a very weird PR agency, if you send around a photo of the cam model in question and don’t even make it one that supports the premise of your headline. I’m not saying send around nudes, but a fully clothed (in very elaborate cosplay, good job on that) is undercutting the subtext (really, it’s just text), i.e.: she’s naked and might be naked for you some day, Gamer Boy. You’re not doing a tease, you’re pissing off the only people that might actually run your spam.

¹ Thanks to the foresight of then-editor Helen Rosner, who among other things gave Lucy Knisley’s career a hell of a boost², and who has become a friend of the online variety. She’s since moved onto other things, but I was hurt to see the news yesterday that Saveur‘s publishers have instituted draconian layoffs at a profitable magazine that was doing bang-up reporting month after month.

² Rosner is a tireless proponent of the idea that food writing is, at its heart, travel writing, and sent Knisley on fabulous trips to do docu-comics about. Like ten days at a luxury safari resort in Namibia fabulous.

Rosner is also a writer of the highest order herself (and unremittingly hilarious), and made me swoon with a piece she linked earlier this week, writing about the influences and development process of a new typeface for Frere-Jones. Comics nerds are all at least a little bit type nerds, and you owe it to yourself to read that piece; it’s a legit marvel.

³ Depends on what you drizzle it from; my regular pizza dough features a six-count drizzle of olive oil from a gooseneck spout oil can, and it’s closer to 2 tablespoons.

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