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Baking Today

Great, now I’ve got Fluffmodeus stuck in my head, and how the crap has it been nearly eleven years since that little bastard joined the cast at Something Positive? Speaking of which, Tuesday will mark sixteen years of horrible people growing and becoming … well, not necessarily less horrible, but more complete people.

And today marks (near enough anyways) twelve years of semi-abusive opinion-mongering on my part at this here page on the internets. Oh, I know the first dated post is from 5 December and today is the 15th; when Fleen launched, it had several posts in the archive and it was actually around the 14th that things went live. Heck if I can remember the actual day, but for some time now I’ve thought of it as the 15th.

So, thanks. I’ve had the good fortune to meet some of the very best people in the world thanks to this hobby — people that are going to legitimately be remembered a hundred years from now for their contributions to the culture, people that won’t make the same mark on history, but who will have my love and admiration for the sort of people they are, people that are just a godsdamned blast to hang around with.

I won’t pretend that I’m capable of throwing out a list of names off the top of my head¹; I read somewhere that the average person personally knows (or has known) 1200 or so people by first name by the time they reach my age, which is why it gets easier to find overlapping circles of friends-of-friends as you get older. At this point, I figure I’ve met at least 1000 quality people because of [web]comics and maybe three clunkers, which is one hell of a success ratio.

Monday will (in my head, at least) mark the beginning of Year Thirteen of blogging, and posting number 3231 (assuming nothing weird happens between now and then); my best guess is that represents somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million words, many of them in an order that makes sense. My typing’s a bit slower and more error-prone at speed than when I started, but I figure I’m good for at least another half-mil. Come on back, we’ll start that next step of the journey together.

No spam today. Today is ours.

¹ One name, though: Jon Rosenberg is responsible for me being here. Send the appropriate congratulations and/or threats to him.

Congratulations Gary!
It’s been a heck of a twelve years!

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