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Sometimes, you just gotta go with what you know, and I know that when you say the word butts, a few names spring to mind.

  • Probably the first association is that of the perpetual back-and-forth between Jeph Jacques and David “Damn You” Willis. Seriously, just do a search for willis jacques butts and you’re buried in links to butts, butt tacos, and the dreaded butts disease. Jacques doesn’t actually figure into today’s story¹, but Willis does.

    Willis is, as we all recall, a webcomicker since small times, having started the first of his Walkyverse strips waaay back in September of 1997. Roomies! ran for two-plus years and spawned two books before mutating into It’s Walky!, at which point Willis stopped with the books until he started Shortpacked! in 2005. The entire run of It’s Walky — 99 to 2004 — remained available only in electron form until now²:

    IT’S WALKY! is a webcomic that ran from Christmas of 1999 through the end of 2004. In 2005, the first storyline was retold and redrawn as a full-comic-book-page-style graphic novel! …well, the first half was. The second half was completed in 2014. This book collects both this complete 83-page redrawn epic and the 78 original newspaper-style strips in CAPTIVATING black-and-white!

    Completists! You have the Roomies! books, the Shortpacked! books, the first five (or maybe six, as he’s finishing fulfillment now) Dumbing of Age books, but you do not have any It’s Walky! books. This is your chance to resolve that.

    Willis has done seven successful Kickstarts before, and he does so by setting a realistic goal, offering limited rewards, and generally keeping things simple; no variations this time. You get IW1 and/or a three-book bundle and/or some character magnets; a single stretch goal adds one magnet to the pile. That’s it. Simple, controlled, fulfillable by a sleep-deprived father of twin toddler sons.

  • Of course, there is another name we should think of re: butts. I speak, naturally, of the very sexy Richard Stevens III, for whom butts are a thing of beauty and reverence. That glow in the dark t-shirt was so compelling, I bought one for my dog, who has a deep and abiding interest in hashtag-butts.

    And today, Stevens lets that love express itself in the most magnificent fashion, as we are all treated to the mental image of one million butts per second³. My god, it’s full of stars.

Spam of the day:

designs and builds specialty lines of lead oxide production equipment,

Isn’t that the stuff they used to add to gas that filled the atmosphere and made us all stupid? Why would I want equipment to handle the idiot-making chemical?

¹ At least, not yet. Both he and Willis have been known to drop everything at the mere mention of butts, and create some new butt-themed drawing in about ten minutes flat.

² Or more precisely, until sometime around July, assuming the funding remains on track.

³ You will never look at a data transfer spec measured in mBps again without thinking of this. With the minor quibble that the strips title — GIGABUTT THROUGHPUT — would properly refer to one billion butts per second. Frankly, that thought is simply too beautiful for our puny human minds.

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