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Charles. Friggin’. Christopher.

Karl Kerschl is a busy guy. He was a key contributor to DC’s Gotham Academy (recently wrapped), and has spent much of the past year on a creator-owned Image book, Isola, which is getting ready to debut. And the first rule of independent creators is that paying work with a steady check comes before labo[u]r of love that may pay off in acclaim now and print collections later.

Thus, the Einser-winning and always wonderful The Abominable Charles Christopher has been back-burnered for a while. July 2014 saw the last of the regular, weekly updates, which was followed by a series of guest strips for the remainder of the the year.

May and June of 2016 were good to us, featuring a resumption of weekly updates, notably including the last time we saw our nominal hero and self-appointed sidekick.

Then weekly became monthly but it didn’t matter, because Kerschl deftly blended forest critter side-stories (including the funniest of the running arcs — the hapless bird constantly freaking out over the state of his marriage) with more serious arcs that merged back into the apocalyptic plot (Vivol! Corruption on the force!).

And now, back to the Apocalyptica. It doesn’t matter that it’s been a year since the last update, or sixteen months since we saw the nasty here — the story is just as compelling, the art just as gorgeous, and all of the players waiting to take up their appointed roles again.

This is why we follow Twitterfeeds, and why RSS is still a valuable technology (so, uh, get on that, Tumblr). Take this time to get caught up on the story (I’d recommend from when Luga really started digging into the Sissi Skunk case) and fall in love with the strip all over again.

Oh, heck, who am I kidding. Go all the way back to Squirrel Chew¹. You won’t regret it.

Spam of the day:

Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con Teams with WOW – Women of Wrestling to Present First Ever Fandom Experience in a Pro Wrestling Ring

Is it just me, or is it maybe time to appoint a conservator to keep Stan Lee from attaching his name to the worst friggin’ ideas ever? I mean, after he and Kirby split, Kirby went on to create amazing stuff and Stan went on to create … yeah. Stripperella, this thing, and the motivation for Fake Stan Lee. Not a whole lot else.

¹ The history of which may be found here.

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