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Can’t Work, Or Homestar Will Whack Me With A Spoon

But I will point out that there’s still a few hours to contribute to the F-Six Hurricane Harvey fund-match giveapalooza. Contributions currently sit at US$175, which is less than I’d hoped, to be honest. I realize this is the third time I’ve come to you for the year, but the year continues to be garbage in ways that money will help with, so….

In the meantime, anybody want to watch Ryan North get totally smashed and recount the plot of his favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation? And then for a bunch of loonballs wrangled by Jon “Ferocious J” Sung re-enact said drunken recount? North’s contribution was recorded at San Diego Comic Con 2016¹, so I’ve been waiting quietly for this for more than a year, and it was worth it.

Good thing, too, as J is (as listeners to his regular podcast, Idea Factory Giveaway well know), he and his wife are expecting their first child around Halloween, meaning the time he has to don the ol’ Picard bald cap and engage in his other frivolities for our entertainment will soon be greatly curtailed. Dive in now while you can.

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¹ Fun fact: J had to obtain a better microphone for the interview portion, and one was lent to him by Isaiah Mustafa, aka The Old Spice Guy. That’s right, this whole ridiculous situation just got even sexier.

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