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Oh My, Changes Afoot

Okay, it’s day after a holiday, but that’s not why I’m late. I’m late because I spent the day yesterday under the weather
and I’m just now getting caught up. But I couldn’t let these stories — some days old! — go by.

  • Spike — we’re done with the initial C, we’re done with the Trotman, we all know who I’m talking about — has launched the latest Iron Circus Comics anthology of wonder over Kickstarter way. Tim’rous Beastie, a collection about little anthropomorphic critters having adventures — was announced in December, went through submissions in January, and per Spike’s Twitterfeed, has all of its contributor’s work finished and received by editor Amanda Lafrenais to do her magic.

    Nothing left to do but fund the printing bill on that sum’bitch, a process that started Monday night, and which is presently (as of this writing) 72% complete. Per the FFFmk2, look for a final funding of US$40-58K, or 2x to 2.5x goal, more or less.

    Uncharacteristically for Iron Circus, this is a lean campaign with only three pledge levels (PDF, PDF+book, early bird PDF+book with discounted shipping) and one stretch goal (a fancier cover at 125% of goal) along with the customary unlimited artist bonuses (US$10/page for every US$10K over goal). Evan Dahm, Ryan Estrada & Rachel Dukes, KC Green, Abby Howard & Eli Church¹, Sloane Leong & Lauren H, David McGuire, Jemma Salume, and Jessi Zabarsky, along with Lafreais and Spike.

  • As long as we’re on Kickstarts, the Foglios are Kicking the newest Girl Genius collection, with the customary soft launch (they went live on 27 June, but didn’t start talking about it until the next day, and only notified past backers several days after), short run (18 days), and fast turnaround (rewards at due to go out in September).

    It appears to be somewhat simpler than the past campaign or two — the fancier rewards are things they’ve done before and have a decent idea of what production times will be — and hopefully the efforts of putting together thousands of sometimes complex fulfillment packages won’t drive them insane.

  • 2017 is going to go down as the year of finishes; so far we’ve seen Dr McNinja and Octopus Pie conclude well-loved decade-long runs, and there’s at least one more on the horizon. Sometime this year, John Allison will be putting up the chairs of the ScaryGoVerse and turning off the lights:

    Hard Yards will be the last story set in the little Tackleford universe we’ve been visiting nearly every day since 1998. While I still love the characters, I feel like I’ve done almost all I can with them, and for the last two years I’ve been trying to find ways to create a satisfying end to things, or a possible way to continue that felt somehow the same, but new. In the end I’ve had to settle on ending things.

    I don’t know exactly when the last strip will be, just that it will be before the end of 2017, so I’ll let you know when we get into the final straight. In the meantime, as you were.

    We’ve come a long way since Rich, Shelley, and Tim first appeaared; it’ll be nineteen years that the every-widening gyre of characters centered on the ginger ninja have been engaged in their wordplay and skylarking. The good, the bad, the indifferent (frequently the same character, just at different times) have had their time and if we don’t get Britain’s weirdest little town, at least we’ll still have Giant Days (as of today, 28 issues and better each month)².

    I won’t weep; it’s better for Tackleford to end without diminishing. If Allison finds down the road that he has more stories to tell from that end of his imagination, the weirdness magnet that is Tackleford will still be there³. It’s harder still to be sad when one realizes what’s coming next: Desmond comics, from Desmond Comics [SFW, but contains Desmond].

    So if you happen to be in San Diego in a couple of weeks, do look Mr Allison (and Mr Fishman) up and thank him for all the weird times; me, I’m clearing a spot in the links list over there to the side for whatever comes next, because it’s going to be great.

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I’m starting to think that “Greg” doesn’t actually understand the world “final”.

¹ I tried to find a website for Church, but the name may well be un-Googleable. Searching for eli church cartoonist brought up a lot of serviceable cartoons featuring Noah’s Ark.

² Although Giant Days would seemingly have its own expiration date: if I understand correctly, the British university system is built around a three-year course of study, and Esther, Daisy, Susan, and Ed have already seen their second Christmas together.

³ And Lor’, what I wouldn’t give to see Shauna and Lottie grown to adulthood some day. is the right Eli Church, according to his twitter.

Sluggy Freelance is coming to a . . . something . . . next month as well. It’s not a hard finale or grand conclusion, but Pete’s ending weekdaily updates as of his 20th anniversary in the webcomics game. What happens next, the exact format the rest of the story will take, hasn’t been announced publicly yet, but I believe he’s talked at length about his ideas on his blog for his supporters (not Patreon–he was doing the Defenders of the Nifty long before that was a thing).

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