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Why You Never Get Rid Of The Bookmarks

Iverly! Oh, my yes, Iverly is back today and perhaps more before too long! Jeffrey Rowland has been keeping creators in rent money but DANG if I haven’t missed his take on comics. Read it from the beginning.

Onwards …

We mentioned XOXO co-founder Andy McMillan during the Comics Camp Roundup Extravaganza last month, and in that time he’s been busy. The Liberty Foundation has been communicating with the world via the occasional tweet, and the website is now up and running. The first big reveal on what they plan to do will be at an official launch party, tonight, in Portland, from 6:0pm, at Outlet PDX.

McMillan’s plans and intentions will be made clear this evening, but we can share the general outline:

The Foundation will begin by offering a number of fellowship awards. Under the guidance of our advisory board, we will be prioritizing awarding our fellowships to a diverse and representative group of artists working in contemporary fields such as film, music, podcasts and audio storytelling, writing, comics, tabletop and board games, and video games.

Our fellows will each receive a $60,000 cost of living grant and support for health insurance costs for one year. These grants will not be project-based, but rather aimed at giving creators a chance to step back and make decisions based on curiosity and long-term growth rather than dire and immediate need.

The second aspect of the Foundation supports this goal by providing an extensive coaching and support program to help artists maintain momentum, focus on their work, and grow it into a sustainable business. This will involve workshops and tutorials focused on business development, marketing, financial planning, and legal support.

The processes of application and selection are to be announced, but I can tell you this — I discussed things with McMillan during and after Comics Camp, and I have made a pledge of financial support to The Liberty Foundation; as such, I will be covering it lightly in future, to avoid any potential conflict of interest¹. If creating a mechanism to aid artists past the building phase of their careers to where they can self-sustain and grow is something you’re interested in, drop him a line. The more people on board with this, the more people contributing and participating, the better.

Spam of the day:

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Amazingly, this appears to actually come from Sears and not, say, Brandon Bird.

¹ And any coverage that I do provide, I will add a disclaimer.

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