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One of the nicest features of The Nib is that the wide range of cartoonists they deal with regularly means no matter what’s happening in the world, somebody can drop a couple of pages on it, like 8-10 hours after the news hits. As far as editorial cartooning goes, it’s a huge amount of visuals — instead of one panel, there’s frequently a dozen or more. Case in point: Tom Humberstone’s report on yesterday’s UK election, which was not called (for him, at least) until the wee small hours.

And when there’s just a little more time to coordinate, editor Matt Bors and his staff can get multiple cartoonists to all comment on a timely issue. Case in point: Lucy Bellwood¹, Brittany Long-Olsen, Zack Giallongo, and Sukjong Hong offer four different responses to the question What happens if the ACA goes away?

Fittingly, three of the four are women; as Long-Olsen notes, women are charged more for healthcare than men. Also notable (and perhaps inevitable), all three women tell stories that relate to reproductive issues: pre-cancerous cervical cells; the direct costs of childbirth (complicated by c-section); the likelihood of children losing coverage. I don’t think it was intentional that Giallongo was left to ask What will happen to me? instead of What will happen to my [potential future] family?, but that’s the role he found himself in². No disrespect intended; diabetes is no joke.

Anyway, point is — four viewpoints, sixteen panels, one clear editorial voice in favor of acting in a timely manner to comment fairly and accurately on what’s happening. This is precisely what we need these days.

Spam of the day:

Kevin Harrington, financial expert, offers a way out of debt

Let me guess: pay Kevin Harrington money, going into debit if necessary?

¹ Adventure cartoonist!!

² By sheer coincidence, the Senators currently crafting a tax cut disguised as healthcare legislation are all dudes asking But what about me? while gutting the reproductive care that falls more heavily on women. But I’ll bet you all the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets that when the bill becomes available, it covers boner pills. Betcha.

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