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Five Things; No, Six

We’ll get the sixth one out of the way first.

  • I woke up today with one of my all time favorite Something*Positive strips at the forefront of my brain, and wanted to go read it again. Here it is — Lizard-Happy. Man, what a great little moment Randy Milholland wrote there. I’ve loved this strip since I first read it what, two or three years ago?

    Nope. More than seven. How the crap did this strip run more than seven years ago and it feels so much more recent? Pretty sure this is proof that time is accelerating, a situation for which the laws of physics make no allowance¹.

    The conclusion is clear: physics — mayhap the universe itself — is broken, and all is about to come crashing down. Time, space, mass, energy all coalescing into a monobloc and everything we’ve ever known or love erased not just from existence, but probably from ever having existed in the first place.

    Not sure how that happened, but it’s probably something one of Milholland’s very performative I used to be your fan until I found out [something completely irrelevant] type followers did, just to spite him². Either that, or I’m just older than I thought.³

  • Five things, then. Katie Lane4 dropped one hell of a resource on the creative community via twitterage earlier today:

    New Post!! 5 Things to Know Before You Sign Your Publishing Contract

    Which turns out to be the first of five topic-specific emails from an online training course that Lane is offering on understanding publishing contracts. The First Thing is this:

    In any publishing deal, you’re in charge. That’s because a publishing contract is you giving the publisher permission to use your work. They need permission and you’re the only one they can get it from.

    Man, I love that; no matter how a publisher may try to spin things to where you act out of fear, the lesson is that it’s not a failure to say no; it’s an inalienable right, and your ultimate protection. Key thoughts from Lane:

    Every term in the contract is a request:

    • May we have the right to make merchandise?
    • May we publish your book for a royalty that’s 10% of the cover price?
    • May we have the right to publish the next book you write?

    Just because they ask doesn’t automatically mean you have to say yes. With every request for permission in the contract, ask yourself:

    • Do I want to give them this permission?
    • Do I trust the publisher to use these rights effectively?
    • If I give the publisher my permission, and I don’t like the results, what options does the contract give me?

    [emphasis original]

    Much more, as the kids say, at the link. The Next Thing will be Only give them the permission they need, and can use, but if you want to see that, Lane requires you to do something. I’m not saying that she’s following the smack dealer model of first taste’s free, but to get Things Two through Five, you’ve got to sign up for the course. And if she is, she’s a pretty bad smack dealer, because the entire course is free. If you’ve ever signed a contract, may sign a contract in the future, or are possibly signing a contract right this very minute5, jump on that link and get smart.

Spam of the day:

Check out hotkate97
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Whoever is sending out emails for hotkate97 is more than a little desperate.

¹ Trust me on this, I just read all about what time is.

² They flock to him, like nobody’s business. I think he needs to hand out more beatings, as a warning to others.

³ Nah, definitely the broken universe.

4 Light-ning LAW-yer!

5 To whatever degree the concepts of past, future, and present mean anything now that Milholland pissed off that used-to-be-reader and got spacetime all broken, that is.

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