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Post-Holiday Blow-Ups

Things just seem to get weird on the day after a Monday off. Case in point: Penny Arcade had something going on earlier today, where if you (from my experimentation) didn’t set the URL to include both the secure https:// connection request and include the www. prefix, you got redirected to some educational company. I’ve been over their site and can’t figure out what the hell they do, but it sure isn’t comics about vidjagames.

Anyways, the P-A tech wizards seem to have done their thing; I notice that leaving off the https://www. now causes the missing URL elements to be added back in, and no more redirects. Fun!

I also had a nontechnical blow-up, in the sense that some unexpected things came together from different directions. On the one hand, The Other Gary Tyrrell informed me that we now apparently share an IMDB credit: him to being part of a particularly ridiculous sports event, me for being part of a particularly Malkidian short film¹ and apparently there’s an actual actor in there from a low-budget slasher short. So that put Malki ! on my radar today.

Then I saw today’s Wondermark and its technobabble materiel du jour, “Tyrellium”. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not a reference to either me or The Other Gary Tyrrell, because of Tyrrell’s First Law². It must be related to the Tyrell Corporation. Anyway, two Malki ! attention-grabs in as many days probably primed me to read Wondermark a bit more closely than typical, as I saw a terrific story about how he (that would be David Malki !) wound up contributing to a neat alternate reality game-type deal for Disney. It’s a nice discussion on how creativity can take many forms, and I recommend it to you.

Spam of the day:

Wear Glasses ? Your Eyes Are Headed For Serious TROUBLE

Oh no! Glasses secretly destroy your sight, according to this spam I got that talks about QUANTUM VISION.

I swear, scammers, please find a word that indicates your claims are utter bullshit besides quantum. It’s embarrassing.

¹ Ten years ago? Sheesh.

² Two Rs in Tyrrell, dammit.

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