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Checking In On The Holiday, For Timely News

Two tweets of interest, from Sam Logan:

15 years of Sam and Fuzzy! That’s a long time on the internet. 3 years older than YouTube, 2 older than Facebook, 4 younger than Google.

Today is Sam & Fuzzy’s 15th birthday, but I got YOU a present! It’s a free e-book copy [of] Volume 1. Spread and enjoy!

Fifteen years is forever in internet times. To give you an idea of how much Logan is giving you, each of the first five collections are normally US$9. Bonus: as part of the anniversary special you can get volumes 2-5 for US$10 or more; for US$20 or more, you also get the giant omnibuses that comprise all of the first thirteen years of the strip. If you haven’t read Sam & Fuzzy, this would be a good (and economical!) time to start.

Spam of the day:

Kära företagskund, Du har fått en ny anmälan. Klicka här för att läsa.

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