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Gettin’ Ready For The Goatsiversary

No picture up here so it can be a surprise when you click on that first link.

Jon Rosenberg¹. The Peculier Pub. Tonight,from 6:00pm until closing, more than likely. Twenty years of cartoons, including a damn fine bit of ethical cartooning re: Barron Trump just today.

I’m bringing cake and taking photos. Hope to see you there.

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Mmmmmnope. Nope, nope, nope, nope.

¹ Obligatory disclaimer: Jon provides my hosting and we share a birthday. Thanks for the hosting, Jon, and remember: I’ll always be older and therefore suckier than you, youngster.

Making cartoons putting words and actions in the mouth of the President’s grade school kid is ethical? I guess that the President’s children are only out of bounds if the President is a liberal, eh?

Are you seriously suggesting that it’s unfair to portray Barron Trump as a sympathetic character?

I’m suggesting that not everyone sees putting politics into a mouth of a child sympathetic, and maybe people should just back off of using children who have no choice to be publicly prominent to promote a particular viewpoint. Going after adults? Fine, they chose their situation. Kids don’t, so don’t use them.

And I’d have the same reaction if this was some right-wing cartoonist using Obama’s kids as characters.

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