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Quick note before the main item: watch your registrations, kids! There was a time this morning when (coincidentally, I believe) Wapsi Square couldn’t be found and Sinfest resolved to a parking page.

Just put in a calendar reminder now to check on your domains before they expire; like maybe quarterly after filing your taxes? Last thing you want is for somebody of evil intent to grab up your domain name (as has happened to the likes of Box Brown’s Everybody Dies [no link, spamming page] and Vera Brosgol’s much-beloved Return To Sender [ditto]).

  • An experiment wrapped today, a sort of public ride-along in artistic progression. I speak, naturally, of David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc, of fumetti fame, who resolved just shy of three years ago to try to learn to draw comics with pen and Bristol board, via the best medium of all: recaps of Star Trek episodes. Morgan-Mar made no claims to artistic greatness, and undertook the project pretty much only to see to what degree he would get better; that he invited us along was a treat.

    After 79 old-school episodes and 3 season summaries (12 panels each), 22 animated episodes plus a summary (6 panels each), 6 orgial-cast movies (24 panels each), and a final summing-up (12 panels of Generations solely from Kirk’s POV), that’s a wrap for Planet Of Hats. Maybe there will be more down the line, maybe there won’t¹; he doesn’t seem to have the burning desire to rewatch all of TNG², much less DS9 or Voyager³, or Enterprise, plus two continuities of newer movies (two stone classics, the rest meh). Heck, if he did, the new Discovery would likely be done and half forgotten before he got to it at one episode per week.

    Oh, and to answer the question above, to what degree he’d get better? Morgan-Mar’s work is certainly more confident and his panel compositions much improved from the start of Planet Of Hats. His figure drawing is hardly realistic, but he developed cartoon references and recognizable elements in his cast (swoopy hair, swoopy ears, hands thrown skyward at the thought of plague!), which is pretty close to the purpose of comicking.

    And given the narrow restriction he set for himself in terms of topic and scope, his writing found his way to the crux (and points of ridicule) in Star Trek pretty much without fail. Every week he got better, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

    Thanks for the memories of laughing at the bad, reveling in the good, and the simple joy of a running gag. It was a pretty fearless experiment, and we at Fleen congratulate Morgan-Mar on his accomplishment. Thanks for inviting us along, consider doing your hair all swoopy-style, and watch out for plague!

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¹ Morgan-Mar said that he’s got two new comics projects under development, to be shared when the time is right.

² And, let’s face it, most of the first two seasons were pretty mediocre.

³ Respectively: pretty uniformly excellent from the beginning, and it got better.

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