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Channeling My Inner Randy Milholland

So having to clear my driveway of about a metric ton¹ of snow so I could go on EMS duty last night wasn’t enough. Having my driveway plowed in four separate times after I initially cleared it (including once as I’m frantically gesturing at the plow driver to please let me pull out first while shouting I have to get on duty, dammit) wasn’t enough. Having to then clear sidewalks and drives so that the ambulance can roll wasn’t enough. Having multiple calls — including a two-hour trauma at four in the morning, leaving me with about three hours sleep — wasn’t enough.

No, today my students have all apparently decided to chow down on (in the immortal words of Heather Chandler) on brain tumors for breakfast and go out of their way to do all the things I told them not to do because it will cause big failures. One of them did the thing I told him not to do because it’s a 20 minute fix and I’d kind of like to have lunch today; he did it anyway. Then I explained to all of them exactly why this was bad.

Which caused a second student to promptly do the exact same thing.

Honestly, this week has about reached the write-off stage; the 20- to 30-minute intervals I should have had to breathe and relax and see what’s going on in the world have evaporated as my students have somehow lost the ability to do things they did successfully earlier in the week. No webcomics today, and if this keeps up and you see me on the news covered in blood muttering about how they deserved it, maybe no webcomics for the next 15 to 20 years.

In the meantime, please enjoy 300 words of me bitching about work, courtesy of my 80 wpm typing speed.

Spam of the day:

These 4 Ingredients Can Stop Alzheimer’s?

No. Next.

¹ A literal metric ton, given the dimensions of the driveway, the depth of the snow, and its very heavy character.

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