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Snowpacalypse Now

As I’m sure you’re hearing already, the I95 corridor from somewhere south of Philadelphia to roughly Boston is about to get hit with blizzard conditions and somewhere in the vicinity of 40-60 cm of snow, depending. The National Weather Service has, over the past six hours or so, revised the start time of the storm in my area earlier by an hour, the extended the duration by an hour, and upped the predicted snowfall from about 35 cm to just shy of 50 cm. Considering that until about five hours from now, this was the winter that wasn’t, I ain’t real pleased with this Ides Of March Snowy Crotchkick™.

So what I’m saying is, don’t expect much from me tomorrow; I’ve still got to work (from home, thankfully) during the day, then somehow dig myself out and engage in my regular Tuesday night EMT duty afterwards. It’s gonna be … what’s the word that means the complete and total opposite of fun? That.

So in my absence (on account of I can’t guarantee power or internet will hold up here in the weather conditions we’re about to see), please spend an extra day enjoying this excellent set of suggestions from Zainab Akhtar (if you don’t know her writings on comics, you really should; she’s incredibly smart and insightful) at The AV Club on women in comics you should be paying attention to.

I would be pointing you towards this even if the first name on the list wasn’t Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, who readers of this page may recall I’ve been incessantly yapping about for the past year. The fact that Akhtar shares my views on Valero-O’Connell’s work is tremendously heartening, because any time I find I share her views on comics I’m invariably doing something right, and whenever we disagree I wonder what I’ve overlooked and/or where I’m wrong.

Oh, and for everybody that’s publicly wondering why the list doesn’t include (choose as you wish) Kate Beaton, Hope Larson, Faith Erin Hicks, Raina Telgemeier, Meredith Gran, Jen Wang, Noelle Stevenson, or any one of dozens of other creators, it was meant to spread word of those that are less established in the market and minds of comics readers. The focus isn’t on the big names, it’s those that are on their way towards joining the big names. And honestly: finding new, exiting talent is even better than having your existing tastes validated; it’s even better than having my existing tastes validated.

Okay, see you tomorrow if possible. If not, after the dig-out is complete.

Spam of the day:

Morgan Freemans Pain Relief Cure

Huh. You claim that this miracle cure (whose name strongly suggests that it’s pure, uncut weed oil) is from Morgan Freeman, but you’ve provided a picture of Montel Williams as your celebrity endorser. You think that Morgan Freeman is Montel Williams? Don’t you ever lie to Morgan Freeman like he’s Montel Williams. He is not Montel Williams. He is not Montel Williams!¹

¹ That one’s for you, BgP.

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