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Dunnn, Dunnn, Dun-Dun-Dun

Blast, meet past. From the mailbag:

Even though the Crown Commission website went offline late last year, and the domain expired in early February, the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge continues. Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 marked the 12th anniversary of this round of madness.

For the record, there are still two people in it: Michael H. “Daily Grind” Payne and Andrew “TRU-Life Adventures” Rothery.

That courtesy of Rothery himself, in a note misleadingly titled Minor webcomic milestone; for those too young to remember, once upon a time (before this page even launched), a whole damn bunch of webcomcikers — some of whom have become pretty damn famous — each kicked in US$20 in a bet to see who could update daily the longest without missing an update¹.

Almost immediately, people started dropping out; by the end of year one half the field was gone². After three years, three out of four competitors were done, and half of those were absent by the start of year five.

The ten year anniversary saw but two remaining (Brad Guigar’s update patterns changed around New Year’s Day 2015, making him the last competitor to finish out of the money), and so we stay to this day. Either Payne or Rothery will win this thing one day, taking home US$1120 (and eternal bragging rights); the other will take home the funds raised by advertising, last noted to be US$135 (and also the ignominy of being First Loser).

Should you come across either in the days and months to come, be sure to congratulate them, and understand that at this point neither will give up for any reason short of death. Fleen congratulates both Rothery and Payne, and assures you that whatever else you manage in life, this longevity in webcomicking will be in the first paragraph of your respective obituaries.

Spam of the day:

Women need to feel in control. So when they lack that feeling, they get NERVOUS. And that is exactly why they want this technique BANNED.

Okay, a) Your shitty MRA cheat code is not a free pass into the pants of ladies. To quote the indispensable Randy Milholland, no one owes you access to their body. And II) Your shitty MRA cheat code is not something that can be banned, exactly how stupid do you think the people you’re trying to sell this crap to are? Oh, wait, I think I just answered my own question.

¹ There were rules to determine what counted as an update, and what to do in case of site outage, and how many days could be missed based on your strip’s schedule.

² Including, in a shocker, cartooning machine Chris Crosby.

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