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The Best Possible News

Hey, are you a person that loves the dinosaurs? Ha, that was a trick question because everybody loves the dinosaurs, they were the best and knowing that they existed is a pure joy for every living human today. I think this may be the one instance of R Stevens being factually wrong about something, there being only type of person in the world: the type that loves dinosaurs.

(I’m not even going to mention the fact that I’m contracting with an artist that makes bird models out of PVC pipe that you can plant in your yard; I want him to construct for me a pack of velociraptors to hide behind the big tree in my front yard.)

When there’s a new book that will teach the young (and when it comes to dinosaurs, we are all young), I am there. And when that book comes from a onetime paleontological field worker, one with a deep and abiding love of dinosaurs (and other extinct critters that were not dinosaurs), and who does comics that are delightful? I’m swooning at the news:

Oh! I guess this was announced!! You can now pre-order Earth Before Us: Dinosaur Empire, my book about the Mesozoic~…

I can’t think of a webcomicker I’d want to do a book about dinosaurs more than Abby Howard. Her art style is clean and accessible, her mania for getting dinosaurs right is mighty, and her knowledge of extinct critters is damn near encyclopedic. Dinosaur Empire! wouldn’t be out of place in :01’s Science Comics series, but for the fact that they led off with a book about dinosaurs which was pretty damn good. The color is going to let her imagination run riot with respect to what the pelts and plumages of dinosaurs looked like¹, and the premise (young girl and retired paleontologist neighbor lady go on a tour of the Mesozoic thanks to Science Magic) will let Howard drop some knowledge in an easy, conversational fashion.

Dinosaur Empire! (128 pages, color, hardcover) releases on 1 August from Abrams Books, with a list price of US15.99; pre-orders are available now from your preferred vendor. With any luck, we’ll see a book tour to natural history museums.

Spam of the day:

The Meaning of 24

Well, numerology-peddling spammer, I’ma go out on a limb here and say that the meaning of 24 is it’s one more than 23 and one less than 25. I know that multiples of 6 and 12 are really, really significant if you’re an ancient Babylonian (and we can thank them for things like 360 degrees in a circle), but round these parts, it just means that eggs were on sale and I bought two cartons instead of one.

¹ The one part of my own youth-born interest in dinosaurs that I resent is that I grew up being taught they were drab grey and green and brown creatures. Boring! Kids these days get crests and colors and displays and their dreams of dinosaurs are so much richer for it.

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