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Guess We’ll Have To Be Content With Recognition Where We Can Find It

So I’d heard that this week’s New York Times Best Seller List would feature March mixed in with the real-people books which don’t have pictures, but heck if I can find it. The Children’s lists (which is not synonymous with Graphic Novels either) feature a distinct lack of Raina Telgemeier, and she’s not in the Fiction lists either¹.

But if the paper of record’s Books editor doesn’t think that graphic novels deserve note (and I’m not going to link in her entirely insulting Look, kids, COMICS! quote about March the same week it became the most honored book of the damn year), then we’ll have to recognize the best of [web]comics via other channels. Let this, then, serve as your reminder that nominations for the 2016 NCS Awards close tomorrow, and that there are two separate categories for work first published online: long form and short form. Oh, and you can submit work of another cartoonist, if you think it’s likely to be overlooked.

Either form requires 12 pages of comics be submitted (no physical copies), along with some basic biographical information. And I feel that I should also remind you that I have been involved in the process of selecting nominees since the online division awards were established in 2012². I’d be fascinated to see what changes have been wrought on the membership and direction of the NCS in the years since I sat in on some of their sessions.

Jut be wary of one possible side effect: if you win, you turn into Jon Rosenberg for a year, until the next winner is announced. Unless you’re already Jon, in which case you get to spend a year as Jon-Squared, which is both better and worse than you are presently imagining.

Spam of the day:


While it’s true that the hoops one must jump through to get medical-indicated cannabis in New Jersey are stupid onerous and withholding approved-buyer credentials from those who would benefit from them is idiotic, your offer does not entice me because:

a) I don’t have any conditions that would benefit from weed, and;

b) Having grown up in the same household as my brother and the omnipresent THC cloud that followed him, I can tell you with absolute certainty that for me the chief effect of being even moderately pot smoke-adjacent (as opposed to wood smoke, liquid smoke, charcoal grill smoke, or even cigar smoke) is to experience a significant pain reaction from the resinous layer that immediately forms in my trachea. Alas, there is no epi-pen for this condition.

This may have been due to the extremely crap quality of weed he bought back in the ’80s, but I’m good not finding out.

¹ One reason why, maybe: the paperback fiction list is now combined print & ebook. Not all graphic novels get a digital release, and those that do are dominated by Comixology, which I can’t tell are or are not included in the vaunted methodology.

² At that time, a single category; since 2013, both long and short forms.

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