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I Can’t Believe We’re Only Two Weeks Into This Shit

Although if we have to make our way through a nascent authoritarian nightmare¹, I’m really glad that Matt Bors and his co-conspirators have a budget and the will to use it. When they revived The Nib last June with funding from the folks behind The Intercept (a partnership announced just 51 weeks ago), meaning that nobody’s gonna get cold feet because a truth-challenged gargoyle in the White House yells at them.

Consider just one of the cartoons run today, which tries to limn the difference between the administration doing things because they’re fascists, or just dicks (although I do think there needs to be an additional conclusion the chart — flailing incompetence). Other cartoons today deal with the president*’s handling of Black History Month, the meaning of White Supremacy’s favorite appropriated mascot (whose creator ain’t happy), and a smart piece on the what being fat means in terms of emotional costs.

That last one might be the most important — it’s easy to get furious at the antidemocratic cabal currently running the country into the ground, but not all our problems stem from them (I know!). Some are deeper in our society, ingrained even when the government isn’t run by complete monsters. Bors has been conscientiously running cartoons that isn’t focused on the government (or at least, not ours): the fraught state of trans rights in Denmark; a Japanese wrestler turned politician; Russia’s crumbling nuclear facilities.

So, you know, uplifting stuff. But different stuff, so that’s good. Thanks bigly to Bors and his cohorts for bringing the cartoons that we need and deserve.

Spam of the day:

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Gotta say, the prevalence of both Russian-language and Russian mail-order bride spam has gone through the roof since the election. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

¹ Fun fact! Donald Trump has managed in only 12 days something that took Richard Nixon 18 months of active Watergate scandal to accomplish: 4 out of 10 Americans favor his impeachment.

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