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Was It Always Intended That Hourly Comic Day Fell On The Holiest Night Of The Year, Or Was It Mere Coincidence?

I speak, naturally, of Saint Groundhog’s Day Eve (SGD is the holiest day of the year on its own merits, and not just because it’s the day I met my wife). Lots of hourlies out there, ranging from the mundane to the profane to the heck, yeah! (that last being the contributions of Magnolia Porter’s mom, who isn’t a comics artist but wanted to give it a whirl).

  • And, of course, Comics takes many forms, and chalkboariste Dante Shepherd is doing hourlies with small portable chalkboards instead of the great big one in his basement — the equivalent of a quick sketch or individual panel. Well done playing with the form, Dante. And by the way, have you heard of this guy Lucas Landherr who teaches Chemical Engineering at Northeastern and was honored as the outstanding teacher by the American Society of Engineering Education’s Northeast Section (basically New England & Atlantic Canada)?

    There’s a lot of well known colleges in that area, and a lot of engineering programs, and Landherr was judged the one worthy of recognition out of all of ’em. Seems like you and he have a lot in common, Dante; weird how I never see the two of you in the same place at the same time. Anyway, speaking as somebody that teaches in a fashion not too distinct from Landherr, it’s a hell of a tough job, and he’s preparing a hell of a lot of undergrads to do hell of difficult work. Congratulations to him/them/aw heck you know what I mean¹.

  • Meanwhile, Saint Groundhog’s Day Eve is also known in some quarters as T-Rex Day, as it was on this day fourteen years ago (!) that T-Rex considered the joys of stomping. Nearly 3100 comics later (some fraction of which are reruns or guest contributions, call it 3000 originals), T-Rex is still pondering the big imponderables. Namely, can you make a dog-based religion even radder (and probably as a result solve all the problems of a pained world) and if so what would that look like?
  • And double-meanwhile, a number of comics have made returns in the past two weeks or so, seeking to address the craziness of the world with art; this is why you don’t get rid of RSS feeds, kids. On the one hand, Christopher B Wright brings back Help Desk to talk about authoritarian overreach, and on the other Pontus Madsen has some opinions on the state of our government and found producing comics again to be to his liking.

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¹ One or the other of Shepherd/Landherr is Batman, the other is Bruce Wayne.

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