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Deadline Approaching

Have I mentioned this yet this year? I feel like I should have. The National Cartoonists Society has its call for submissions for consideration of their annual awards open now — as in past years, webcomics (or On-Line Comics, as they are styled) are eligible for consideration in both the Long Form (think ongoing story) and Short Form (think daily gags) categories.

Also, I should note that, as in past years, I am involved in the process of selecting nominees that will lead to the awards ballot. Applications may be submitted until 7 February, and if you’re in the webcomics world, no physical items need be provided, hooray.

Some things to consider:

  • An awful lot of webcomickers do work of significant quality that’s not webcomics. Is there any reason why we should not see nominations for Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Adventure Time, Gwenpool, Hellcat, Giant Days, Glitterbomb, and Goldie Vance (comic books); every single damn Iron Circus anthology, Baggywrinkles, Tetris, King Baby, Secret Coders, Demon, and Ghosts (graphic novels); the entire breadth of The Nib and Jon Rosenberg’s SFAM Trump cartoons (editorial cartoons¹)? Nominate work outside of webcomics if you’re working outside of webcomics, people!
  • The NCS awards are presented at a black-tie dinner (it’s really fancy) in a different city each year (I went in 20012, to Las Vegas, and fulfilled a lifelong dream of gambling in a muthascratching tuxedo, drink in hand, after midnight; I’ve never felt more like James Bond, if James Bond ever played a $5 Pai Gow Poker table). This year it’s in Portland, Oregon, where more than a few of you live or have friends. Gonna be fun times in Stumptown, and you could meet some really interesting people.²

Okay, there’s your homework for the weekend — take a good look at the submissions process and criteria, consider well where you may qualify, and take a flyer if it seem plausible. Awards aren’t why you should be doing this, but remember — an awful lot of people first heard Gene Yang’s name not because American Born Chinese is a brilliant book, but because he was nominated for the National Book Award back in 2006. Want to be a MacArthur Fellow or National Ambassador For Young People’s Literature? Get your name out there.

Spam of the day:

JR Crooks’ mission is to help you earn more money trading gold this year than ever before in your life.

I’m pretty sure JR Crooks spends far more time trying to sell me on paying him money to teach me about trading gold than he spends on trading gold. Pass.

¹ Actually, just let anybody other than Michael friggin’ Ramirez win, that guy is awful. Of note, both Jen Sorenson and Ann Telnaes have won in the past few years, both of whom regularly contribute to The Nib; it’d be sweet to see Matt {Bors | Lubchansky} take it.

² For example, I got to thank Jerry van Amerogen for a punchline I’d read early in high school and had been occupying my brain for more than 30 years, and Bill Amend for a punchline nearly 25 years old. It’s odd what grabs you by the brain and stays.

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