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It’ll Be Driving Soon

Fifteen years yesterday, and it’s the start of Year Sixteen today; around for five years, more or less before this here page even got started. I speak, naturally, of Randy Milholland’s Something*Positive, a behemoth of a strip in terms of archive depth, dramatis personae, and a complete adherence to the progress of time.

Characters have grown — it’s all but impossible to see Davan as the asshole he was in strip one, for example¹ — and characters have died² and characters are becoming their own people in unexpected ways. It’s all natural and slow and organic, and it remains one of the most emotionally honest works of webcomics, every damn day.

Happy anniversary, Davan, Aubrey, PeeJee, Jason, Fred, and Choochoobear, who’ve been there from the beginning. Happy anniversary, Vanessa, Nancy, PamJee, Donna, Rory, and those that have come later. Happy anniversary, Kharisma, Mike, Monette, Ollie, Kyle, Berenger, and all those who’ve managed to stop being terrible human beings because at the bottom of his grumpy exterior, Milholland has the heart of a true optimist. Happy anniversary, Avagadro, Pepito, Twitchy-Hug, Fluffmodeus, and all the other horrors that whisper terrible things at us (including the Last Trick or Treaters, my favorite of which are the kids that show the horrors what for).

Happy anniversary, Randy; something about you invites the casually entitled to throw more grief your way than any three random webcomickers, and still you send these bizarre, frustrating, lovable characters out to us every week. We’re the better for it.

¹ Although some might argue he’s merely a different kind of asshole these days.

² We are coming up on eleven years since the most heartbreaking moment of the strip and Fred is still kept from Faye. Worse, he’s getting lost in the past, but

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