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On The Topic Of Mandatory Reading

Okay, y’all know “C” Spike “Trotman”, right? Scrappy lady webcomicker that put out a bunch of anthologies, has leveraged Kickstarter like few before or since, and has built up her own publishing company because was told by a bunch of people she’d never succeed and has succeeded the shit out of her career in an act of exquisite vengeance? Never overlook the value of spite in making your life plans, bee-tee-dubs. Responsible for publishing both established creators and previous unknowns, ambitious plans for a dozen and a half books in the near- to medium-term¹, and fond of tweeting out her plans for world domination? Yeah, her.

Some people still don’t pay attention to Spike on the electronic Twitter machine because they only want to think about comics, and her other topics frequently include lengthy tweetstorms on the topics of her dog, her cooking adventures, her favorite videogames, her favorite trainwreck YouTube hosts, her favorite documentaries, art history, and the ways to understand, undermine, and dismantle the (choose all that apply) {racist | sexist | ableist | heteronormative | ciscentric | white supremacist | pretty much all other awful philosphies, honestly} power structure because she is going to outlast your ass and then dance on your grave, The Man. She’d basically be an Elmore Leonard heroine come to life if you didn’t scoff and mutter Nobody can do all that, what a Mary Sue.

Here’s the thing — every time I tune into one of those tweetstorms, I learn something. Sometimes it’s something huge, like how power structures get built to make socioeconomic advantages as permanent as possible; sometimes it’s something esoteric, like the use of light and body positioning in the pre-Raphaelite school. And yeah, sometimes it’s which YouTuber is having a shitstorm meltdown about mom not buying the right Cheetos, but they can’t all be winners. Point is, sometimes I’m on deadline and just need to find out what the latest news for Iron Circus Comics and its associated creators might be.

You already know where this is going. The new twitterfeed for Iron Circus Comics is now live, and sharing news of Spike’s endeavours, as well of those of other creators and publishers. It’s going to be a valuable resource and I commend it to all of you.

Spam of the day:

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¹ For contrast, consider that :01 Books, which I would call the premiere graphic novel-only imprint, spent its first ten years putting out 20 +/-2 books a year. That’s approximately what Spike is doing, only without the backing and logistical support of one of the biggest publishing conglomerates on the planet. This is not to run down :01, who have been tremendously understaffed and doing crazy person amounts of work for most of that decade; it’s to point out that Spike is doing CPAOW times about four or five.

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