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Friday, Thank Glob

Who would have ever thought a private tutoring session is more difficult than a classroom full of people? Actually, I would have, because it’s happened a couple times in my career and it’s either the Easiest Week You’re Ever Paid For or a Complete Horrorshow. Weekend, take me away.

But first! It’s been a while since we changed the tagline at the top of the blog; in the past we have been known (intermittently but not exhaustively) as

    Fleen: The Webcomics Blog About Webcomics
    Fleen: Written By Bitter, Haggard Wordbeasts
    Fleen: Try Our Thick, Creamy Shakes
    Fleen: Hack Webcomics Pseudojournalists

and the current

    Fleen: The Elcoertnic Swiss Army Knife For This Topic [thank you, spammer with a questionable command of English]

It’s time for a change. Thanks to today’s Achewood, we will for the next while be known as

    Fleen: The Awkward Christmas Dinner Of Our Obligation To Existence¹

Here’s something to look forward to: Ryan North, henceforth known by his alternate moniker of The Joybringer, has declared the annual Dinosaur Comics Holiday Party (okay, it’s actually the party of Toronto’s legendary comics shop The Beguiling, but you gonna tell North that he’s wrong?), where there will be FUN and PALS and the traditional SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE all fueled by TASTY, ADULT BEVERAGES. Wednesday, 21 December, 7:00pm to 10:00pm, at Paupers Pub (539 Bloor Street West).

And in honor of North bringing us this news, let us direct your attention to the alt-text of today’s Dinosaur Comics wherein he notes that he (North) has become the greatest hero to Dudes in history by (and I quote) [coming] up with a problem that is ACTUALLY SOLVED by jerking off. Although I would also point out that in a related Dinosaur Comics from July 2009, Ryan noted i the alt-text that (at the time) Google returned no results for the phrase it’s all thanks to sperm, which in the intervening seven-plus years is no longer true². Progress?

Spam of the day:

35 People Having Fun With Random Statues

I ain’t opening this one, but it’s all drunks pretending to blow statues of Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders, right?

¹ Although a quick survey of the office revealed a strong minority preference for F-F-FFFUCK cunt-ass shit blogs what ain’t safe.

² Although unsurprisingly, this appears to be because of CafePress, who surely waited a whole hour after reading North’s 2009 declaration before running out and producing a full line (55 products worth!) of It’S [sic] All Thanks To Sperm merchandise. Thanks for ruining things again, CafePress!

I’ll always fondly remember “Fleen: Home of the webcomics action news team”.

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