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Limited Time Offers

I hate to rush you, what with this being the busy time of year for so many people, but there’s a couple of things you really can’t sleep on.

  • So we’re down to the final week of both Angela Melick’s Kickstart to print the final two volumes of Wasted Talent, and Angela Melick’s weekly autobio webcomic, Wasted Talent. In fact, we’re now at the next to last strip, with The Big Finish hitting next Monday, 5 December.

    One side effect of the strip wrapping is that Melick has decided that continuing to ship merch and books for a discontinued project is not how she wants to spend her copious free time, and so her store will be shutting down:

    The print edition books that are kickstarting now will NOT be available online for sale later on. I will no longer be traveling regularly to conventions to sell print edition books. I will still make convention appearances, but these appearances will be infrequent and selective, and the number of print books I bring will be very limited.

    No definite date for the store shutdown, but it largely doesn’t matter — if she’s not putting the new books in the store, the time to get them is now, via the Kickstarter campaign (which, by-the-bye, is currently sitting at 153% of goal, and stretched to the point where I’ll get a slipcase box for my previous books, so thanks for that). Get them now if you ever intended to get them, and honestly? Given how book 3 ended, books 4 and 5 form a reasonably complete story.

  • Another temporary sale event is going on, but this is more in the sense of a pop-up vending rather than the wrap-up of an ongoing enterprise. David Malki ! is using Kickstarter as a straight storefront for his annual calendrical offering — the tenth! — of odd “facts” and odder holidays. Given that these only come up once a year and start their usefulness on 1 January, the campaign is super short: it will run only another six days, for a total of 14 days.

    Other Malkidian wonders are also up for sale at his permanent store, including holiday-[in]appropriate cards and the ever-fun multipurpose cards; given the number of checkboxes on the latter, you can give the same card to just about anybody for just about any reason¹.

Spam of the day:

They are looking for sex now!

Forgive me for my cynicism, but I don’t actually believe that (given the photo attached) a lesser Kardashian sister is attempting through your alleged dating site to have squishytimes with me. Just a hunch.

¹ Seriously, though. Just one card covers thanks for everything from a commemorative plate of Commander Riker to sex acts, with the duration of thanks lasting from fleeting until the end of all things.

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