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Some Good News, At Least

It’s been a week, that’s for sure. A week of feeling alternately on edge and sad and defiant and angry and depressed¹. We can’t let unprecedented evil become normalized, but we also can’t let ourselves be on edge 100% of the time. No kidding, that’s where PTSD comes from.

So while we plan for a long struggle to not lose the societal gains that have been made in our lifetimes, while we plan our warnings to future generations just how fragile those gains can be, we do have to find happiness where it presents itself. And today’s got a double dose of such, as we are reminded by two of the exemplars of [web]comicdom from Toronto.

  • From Christopher Butcher, a reminder that today is Heidi MacDonald’s birthday. Heidi Mac has been in the comics journalism game longer than most people have been in comics², and the day that I knew I wasn’t just spinning my wheels was when she first said something nice about something I’d written over at The Beat. Cheers, Heidi.
  • From Ryan North, a reminder that today is Anthony Clark’s birthday as well. Anthony Clark is one of those rare people about whom nobody can be found to say anything bad. His colo[u]ring work enhances and enriches many a comic, and his own Nedroid Picture Diary is a font of pure, unbridled joy.

    When I talk to friends from outside my webcomics circles and they bring up the topic, saying that there’s one webcomic they love more than any other, it’s invariably Nedroid. Good job, Anthony, and please consider this to be my occasional plea to get hold of Emmy Cicierega and revive Laserpony Studios.

Spam of the day:

We believe that strategically-engineered brand experiences are unparalleled opportunities to produce authentic, compelling and sharable content.

Everything about this sentence makes me want to travel back in time and punch the child that will eventually grow up to write it.

¹ For some, that describes every week; for those of us that find this to be a new experience, welcome to the lives of the institutionally disadvantaged. Hi, my name is Gary and I go through life on the lowest difficulty level. I thought I was pretty empathetic before 8 November 2016 but was fooling myself. I’ll try to do better.

² Alternately, longer than most comics people have been, period.

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