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My Day Started With A Power Outage, How About Yours?

Actually, I have to give it to my power company; browsing to their website on my phone and zooming in, there were little triangles around my neighborhood, and within half an hour they’d coalesced into one at the center of disruption (about 50 meters from my front door), which listed the number of affected customers (117), the cause of the outage (tree), and the estimated restore time (12:00 noon). The fact that they got power back hours ahead of schedule indicates that either they were on the ball, or they follow Montgomery Scott’s rule of estimated repair times.

Still: my job requires computing. Computing (and networking) require power. So it’s been a rough day; had to have a colleague start my class for me, and I’ve been running to catch up ever since. How much running? It’s past 3:00pm (EST) as I write this and I have yet to put on pants. Then again, I do work from home about half of the time, meaning that the tyranny of pants is entirely optional for me on a frequent basis. So let’s look at something that involves, in large measure, only half pants¹.

Evan Dahm did a beautiful illustrated edition of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, and not long after announced that his follow-up would be an illustrated edition of Moby-Dick. He’s done more than three dozen gorgeous, woodcut-looking illustrations (most recently noted here over the summer), and the long prep has now finished — the requisite Kickstarter to print handsome hardcovers of Moby-Dick, or, The Whale is now up.

It’s going to be an object of beauty and heft; as noted before, I have not ever desired to read Moby-Dick, but now I want to. The early bird discounted book are snapped up, but even at US$45 this is bargain and a the epitome of craft and care. Grab one, put it on your shelf, pass it down to your children.

Spam of the day:

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Hey, know when cloud computing don’t work? When my power goes out!

¹ Because Ahab only has one leg, see.

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