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Born On This Day

We’re coming up on one of those parts of the year where a lot of webcomicker birthdays coincide¹; some people see the inevitability of duplicate birthdays where there’s a large enough group of people², others just see belated evidence that certain members of older generations found certain times of year better for sexytimes. Today, the lucky co-birthdayists are John Allison (happy 40th!), Ryan North (happy 36th!), and the handsome man up there, who is peripherally related to webcomics.

I speak, naturally, of the late Jerry Orbach: actor, singer, and current artistic muse to Brandon Bird, whose latest Kickstarter successfully concluded yesterday (what would have been the last day of Orbach’s 80th year), meaning that the Jerry Orbach Memorial Art Car will be a thing. It was a near thing, with last-minute funding pulling the campaign over goal, but I’m glad to see something this full of love, this unanticipated, this weird has caught the imagination of a sufficient number of people to be made.

Bird hasn’t mentioned this idea, and I don’t know if it’s feasible, but it literally just occurred to me that the one indispensable thing that you need on a Jerry Orbach art car is a horn that makes the Law & Order doink-doink sound.

Spam of the day:

Please see the statement attached. File Access Credentials: qMRwgAxe7

Wow, that’s not shady at all.

¹ For example, Jon Rosenberg not only browbeat me into launching the blog, he and I share a birthday each year around [American] Thanksgiving.

² As in the classic statistic demonstration, where there’s a 50-50 chance that two students will have the same birthday in a group of 23 people; the odds only go up from there.

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