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Whoops, Time Got Away From Me

And you know what? I’m not apologizing at all. I’m finally (mostly) over that bug that felled me earlier in the week, and one of my favorite creators surprised me with a new draft of her next book, and a trip to IKEA means that a long-delayed plan for the house — like since we moved in twelve and a half years ago delayed — is finally underway.

So you get two short bits today, and then I can start figuring out how to put some IKEA stuff together.

Thing The First: Bears vs Babies is as we speak pushing US$978,000 in funding and more than 26,000 backers. At this point in its campaign, Exploding Kittens was closer to US$2 million but you know what? Matthew Inman and Elan Lee have had a year and a half of Kicktstarter hacking experience. Forget setting records, this is one to watch to see what kind of mischief they get up to. It’s a case study¹.

Thing The Second: Howard Tayler — evil twin to the stars — has announced his latest challenge coin is open for pre-orders. No color, no enamel, no epoxy, just a hunk of brass that will get worn from a lifetime of wear in your pocket, and some wisdom (both that which is inscribed originally, and that earned as it gets said wear). To wit:

Maxim 70: Failure is not an option. It is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

Rest in peace, Kaff Tagon; I don’t think Howard’s gonna reboot the universe to un-kill you a second time.

Spam of the day:

I hope that someone find the same sociable as I am. Be sure to answer. Are always here site

Well, that’s a step up from the usual level of English in Russian pornsite spam; usually, it’s so far off English that it’s Portuguese.

¹ First thing to learn: how far off are the Fleen Funding Formula (Mark II) and the McDonald Ratio when you’ve got such a motherscratching oversized response? The FFF mk2 has BvB predicted at US$3.75 +/- 0.75 million dollars, which is a hell of a margin of error.

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