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I’m Just Know I’m Going To Use That One Point Three Expression In Real Life At Some Point

But first, for all of you creators and readers in the Pacific Northwest, please stay safe as the murderstorm bears down on you.

  • Sad news to start: Amanda Lafrenais lost her brother, Chris Volesky, at the start of the week. Just 27 years old, he died in his sleep. Sudden expenses can damage any family’s economic standing; when it’s for a funeral, the gut-punch is even harder to bear. You can help out at the GoFundMe page that Lafrenais set up.
  • It appears that I’ve managed to not mention Cartoon Crossroads Columbus at all this year¹, although I’m pretty sure I mentioned it when The Spurge was announced his intentions to debut last year, following his move to the Columbus area. The goal of CXC is ambitious: to do a stateside version of Angouleme, presumably without the incredibly sexist and moronic executive director (hi, Franck!)

    You’ve got a cluster of super-talented folks up there (Jeff Smith not the least), not to mention Ohio University and the Jenny Robb-curated Billy Ireland collection therein, where a triannual gathering of comics luminaries sets the stage for getting Big Name Folks to drop in. My mistake, too late to urge you to go (unless you’re local), and I’ll try to do better next year.

  • We’re down to the final six days of the Check, Please! Year Two print collection Kickstart and Ngozi Ukazu is sitting on more than US$312,000 in pledges, with Kicktraq projecting just about US$400K as a final total. I suspect that a last-minute fan rush (and there are some seriously serious fans of the hell of cute hockey boys, some of whom are also hell of gay) will push it beyond, but we shall see.
  • Holy crap, Matt Bors has an actual entertainment industry development deal for The Nib, which is as free-wheeling and unsafe an environment for the notoriously risk-averse Hollywood machine to find itself in as could possibly exist. I can’t wait to see what may (or, given that it’s Hollywood, may not) come of this deal. But either way — Bors has put something important together, and has been noted on this page in the past, he pays his contributors. On that last score alone, I consider this to be nothing less than a karmic reward.
  • Oh, yeah, and Chris Onstad made me actually laugh out loud at Roast Beef’s latest blogpost and the description of children whose number two is more like a one-point-three. Holy crap (phrasing), that’s a perfect, perfect, completely gross and still perfect turn of phrase. Bravo.
  • Finally, some very skilled people are taking the entire piss out of Cheeto Jesus and you can either purchase a copy, or get one for free with a donation to defeat what he and his Trumpaloompas² stand for. Be sure to listen to the audiobook, too.

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My dream bathroom idea is pretty much that the stuff I don’t want goes away without fail. Beyond that, I’m pretty easy.

¹ Thanks to alert reader Ben Cordes for calling me on it.

² Tip o’ the hat to Charlie Pierce, whose formulation I like slightly better than Ken White’s Trumpalos, primarily for its mental invocation of orangeness.

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