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Nightmare World

Dear, oh dear, oh dearie dear, the news today is quite distressing, with terrible people acting terribly, determined to the last to drag the rest of us down into their own dark version of what the world is (and can be). And yet there is hope, in a place darker still.

I speak, naturally, of the return of The Last Halloween by Abby Howard after too long an absence while she works to get the print collection of Book 1 together (the PDFs of which have already gone out to backers).

Today’s update is the last of four strips (1, 2, 3) that shift away from Mona and her band of semi-determined world-savers, jumping forward in time¹ and an unknown distance in place to a pair of new young people (sister/brother team Libby and Malcom) struggling against the monster world any way they can.

Namely, by blowing shit up and stealing stuff, including a small (and seemingly harmless) monster named Chips. Who appears to be the monster equivalent of the computer-literate fanboy complete with little workplace collector-grade action figures. Who wears tightie-whities. And who is now impromptuishy (and perhaps temporarily) teamed up with Libby and Mal to find that which is killing monsterkind² … but to defeat it or to join up with it?

Fortunately, we shouldn’t have too long to wonder, as we’re back to regular updates from next week, barring unforeseen circumstances. Then again, in a world of monsters and worse, what circumstances aren’t unseen?

And, for that matter, which world am I talking about?

Spam of the day:

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How many times do I have to tell you bozos, I AM NOT A SENIOR CITIZEN YET.

¹ Months, we knew, but the monster-in-charge mentions his team working together for a matter of years; could it have been that long since the Last Halloween?

² Is the Monstlaughterer Mona? Is she now a badass teen instead of a badass preteen? Libby and Mal’s clothing looks reasonably new, but there’s been at least one time jump so who the hell knows.

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