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So, how’s your day going? Mine started with my wife noting a small leak along the wall in the basement and escalated to the (cast iron) (original to the house) (almost 90 years old) pipe that brings all drain water from the second floor to the wastewater line showing a pretty significant crack, that goes up an as-yet undetermined distance into a wall.

If we’re lucky, a mostly unseen wall in a utility space will give access to the entire section of pipe that needs replacing. If we’re less lucky, a pretty significant chunk of wall (exterior and/or interior) and pretty much all of a bathroom will need to be opened up. My house repairs guy used words like extensive and that will need permits and have to remove the toilet, the tub, the floor …, none of which are good things to hear (especially six weeks after we just redid the roof, oy).

But, as a gentleman of my acquaintance¹ once observed after having taken 4m of water into his basement in Hurricane Sandy² and facing an extensive renovation, There’s problems and there’s problems you can fix with money. I’d rather not have to spend the money and it’s going to be a hassle, but it can be fixed.

So that’s where I’m at — free moments around the working day that would ordinarily allow me to catch up on webcomics or bang out a proper piece of roundup, review, or hack pseudojournalism are being spent on other things. It’s a hassle and I’d rather have time free to write, but it won’t last forever.

Which is my way of saying please bear with me if I’m not able to post as much this week as I’d normally do. I’ll be back as soon as I can be.

Spam of the day:

Dolor Tempus Company — Good day, I have sent your order. Please open the statement given here to see more details.

Want me to open your virus-ridden document? Maybe don’t give away the game by naming your fake company Dolor (Latin: pain, sorrow, regret) Tempus (Latin: pain, season, moment). At least you didn’t name it Tempus Dolor, which Google Translate assures me is Latin for period pain.

¹ The most relentlessly cheerful guy I’ve ever known; ask him how he’s doing and the response is invariably Super! or Great! or Excellent! If he ever answers with a low-key I’m good it probably means that he’s coming down with a week-long hideous disease.

² Fun fact: his basement ceiling is 2.5m above floor level, leaving another 1.5m of water to come up into the main residence.

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