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It’s always a good day when Randall Munroe decides to drop an extra-large comic on us, because he’s usually explaining something super complicated in an easy to understand format. Today: global warming for the past 20 centuries, in a manner that even Congresscritters in the pocket of extraction industries can understand.

  • Speaking of unspeakably complex things, David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc and semi-pro Mr Bean impersonator)¹ has an announcement for those of you that like puzzles:

    This competition involves solving 25 puzzles plus a metapuzzle over a period of a week, during which new puzzles are released daily. The puzzles come with no instructions provided, and are intended to be solved by teams of up to 5 people. The top teams, from anywhere in the world, will win prizes.

    Yep, one a’ those deals, where it helps to have members that know every sports record in history, the subject-verb-object rules of Linear B, Morse code, Braille, five kinds of math most people don’t know even exist, and the names of all 151 Pokemon in the original Japanese². Registration starts today, competition begins in four weeks, and runs for a week. You should read the full rules and especially the solving guide, and maybe tell work you’re taking off that week. Happy puzzling!

  • Speaking of puzzling, it’s puzzling that in all of the bits I’ve written regarding the treasure trove of books to release tomorrow, I somehow neglected to include Vera Brosgol’s Leave Me Alone! — about a very perturbed grandmother who just wants to be left in peace with her knitting — is one of those books. You’ve still got a few hours to pre-order it, which enters you for a chance to win an original painting from the book; just email a photo or screencap of your pre-order to Brosgol before tomorrow and you’re in the running.
  • Very big news: returning to webcomics (it’s been a long damn time since FreakAngels), Internet Jesus aka Dr Whisky aka Warren Ellis will be teaming up with Colleen Doran on art (their first teamup since Orbiter, I believe), to produce a story called Finality, at the LINE Webtoon platform site. Even more interesting, the news was broken not at a comic site, but at Entertainment friggin’ Weekly. No definite start date for the 26-part weekly series, but damn … EW.

Spam of the day:

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I think you probably sent this to the wrong person. My chakras are awesome, thanks.

¹ I really need to write myself a macro or something for that boilerplate.

² Alternately, find somebody that decoded all the hidden messages in a season of Archer to reveal a massive Krieger-run Easter Egg conspiracy.

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