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Callbacks And Creator Ownership

All things we’ve mentioned previously today, with new bits layered on top. Let’s dive in.

  • It’s about six weeks since we mentioned the launch of a Patreon to support Christopher Bird and Davinder Brar in making a sequel to the thoroughly wonderful Al’Rashad. Support has hit the one page per month level (and is closing in on two pages per month), so yesterday saw the launch of Ra-Boka: Kingdom Of The Bound with page one picking up directly after the end of Al’Rashad so maybe go read that if you want to read this. Given the apparent shift in time storywise, I’d say that the Rashadi caliphate has seen as much time pass as we have since the last update — a year and a half, give or take. Buckle up, this one’s going to be good.
  • Oy. Not content with nearly breaking Kickstarter with the sixth highest funded project of all time¹ which is simultaneously the most popular project of all time, not content with topping three quarters of a million dollars of pre-orders of adult (and in one case, they do mean adult) coloring books, Matthew Inman and the Exploding Kittens crew took today — Amazon Prime Day, no less — to launch the first expansion to Exploding Kittens.

    It’s US$10 and I’m guessing pert-near everybody that bought Exploding Kittens (that would be a nearly quarter million people) is gonna drop their tenner for the expansion. Put another way, approximately US$2 million of capitalization just hit BoomGoKittens, LLC (or whatever they call their company) and they’ll be able to repeat this feat to a large proportion of their customer base, oh, once a year or so. I’m reminded about King Camp Gillette and his famous thoughts on how to get rich.

  • What can we say about both Ra-Boka and Exploding Kittens? They are creator owned, not dreamed up by a band of contentgineers working for a multinational that just wants to slap a name and logo on something and flow the money upwards. The people doing the thinking are the ones benefiting, either now and hugely (ExKit) or potentially in the future and modestly (Al’Rashad, Ra-Boka). At least, I hope they are.

    As the invaluable Katie Lane takes the time to remind us today, Creator Owned is not a legal term, and there are both benefits and pitfalls to be found in maybe (maybe) selling some of your creation (or better, licensing it, with clear terms about which rights are up for assignment and when they revert. Confused? That’s why you need a lawyer, Chuckles, but in the meantime check out Lane’s primer on the topic; it won’t give you all the answers, but it will help you figure out what questions you need to ask.

Spam of the day:
Today’s winner features a mass of Cyrillic letters followed by:

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Her time is coming to an end? I know that life expectancies are dropping in Russia, but 37 seems a bit young to be so fatalistic.

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Milham? Okay, I’m going to thank you very kindly for your putatively sincere (if widely distributed) interest in gettin’ it on with me, and politely decline. Good luck finding a dude who doesn’t mind having sex.

¹ Arguably the fifth, as the second ain’t never going to complete fulfillment.

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