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The Rollout Begins

The annual release of the programming schedule for SDCC has started; if past years hold true, they’ll release a day’s detail per day from now through the weekend. We at Fleen will keep our eyes open for anything of interest and share with you in the coming days.

In the meantime, past webcomics Eisner and Harvey winner (not to mention current nominee) Mike Norton of Battlepug has some news to share:

Webcomics people who have been looking for a SQUARESPACE template. @jemmons just made your day for f’n FREE.

Squarespace, naturally, is the hosting/registration/SEO provider that lots of people use for their websites. They don’t really have webcomics on their radar, and so don’t have any templates particularly suited for the demands of a comic site. Enter Norton’s web guy, @jemmons, who’s made the solution he cooked up for Battlepug available at GitHub¹:

In the mean time, intrepid folk with SquareSpace developer accounts can clone this repository and push it to their sites. You should get a functioning copy of — sans all the content, of course.

So you can do a quick-and-dirty site with content front and center, side bars below for whatever, and a center column for announcements, and if you have any difficulties, @jemmons (sorry, I can’t find an actual name) is ready offer advice. I’m not saying that this is going to replace ComicPress or Comic Easel, but you can never have too many low- or no-cost CMS options, I always say².

Spam of the day:

Hier können Huren anzeigen schalten um kunden zu finden. [boldface original]

Take it away, Google Translate:

Here whores can show off to find customers.

It’s no Gib zu mir etwas Fussbodenbelagunter diesem fetten fliessenden Sofa, but what are you gonna do?

¹ If you don’t know GitHub, ask your local coder.

² Shut up, I totally say that all the time.

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