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Never Felt So Prescient

UK younger people, Jon Rosenberg predicted what your older citizens have done to you two and a half years ago. Let’s find happier things to consider now that the entire world’s economy has been thrown into uncertainty by people who admit they didn’t really want this to happen.

  • Happy Thing! It appears that Faith Erin Hicks has taken a bit of time from her Nameless City series of graphic novels (first one: so good; second one: due out in April) to do a Squirrel Girl/Ms Marvel crossover in an annual due in August. Reserve this one now.
  • Happy Thing! Speaking of Squirrel Girl, her book has done a nice job of featuring drop-in art from a variety of webcomickers, normally in the form of the collector’s cards that SG uses to learn about her foes. Issue #9 (due next Wednesday, 29 June) will one-up that with a full page from Wondermark scribe David Malki !, in his trademark style.

    Ever wonder what it looked like when Kraven the Hunter punched Giagantos at the bottom of the ocean? Wonder no more! (It looked a lot like Victorian woodcut illustrations smushed up together.) This is so beautiful I want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

  • Happy Thing! Spike Trotman over at Iron Circus Comics continues her Friday Upcoming Book Announcement trend, giving us the dope on next boo she’s signed for publication. This time it’s Crossplay by Niki Smith, a graphic novel-length expansion of a shorter story that was serialized at porny subscription site Filthy Figments [NSFW, duh], where many of webcomics finest go to vend their adult creations while waiting for the next Smut Peddler anthology to come about.

    And if ICC’s new offerings are heavily tilted to the Smut Peddleresque, I think it’s going to be filling a market niche (well-produced smut that’s not juvenile or misogynist) that’s pretty wide open¹ for whoever’s smart enough to exploit. And Spike is very, very smart.

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¹ So to speak.

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