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How Many Things Can Blow Up In One Day?

I mean, really critical systems that you need to do your job? I’m at four and counting!

So here something I was going to talk about in much more detail today; it made the rounds end of last week but some people have still not seen it. From Gigi DG (of the incomparable Cucumber Quest) comes the webcomics equivalent of a novella, Lady of the Shard. It’s an exercise in emotion, a demonstration of depth, and an experimental technology that can make somebody cut onions in the next room through a computer, all done with an absolute minimum of words and lines.

I once asked in reference to a C&D that Rich Stevens got from Lucasfilm over a t-shirt that had a pixel representation of a TIE Fighter (which was about this detailed: (-O-) ) how few pixels you can use to represent a thing before you lose the identity of that thing; in the case of Stevens’s t-shirt, the answer was somewhat less than 24, which if memory serves was the number of squares in the design.

Ms DG isn’t quite that spare in her art for LotS, but she’s not far off. Whole galactic societies (and the hearts of one young acolyte and two immensely ancient goddesses) are rendered in pixelly low-res white and grey (and the occasional, angry red) against a stark, midnight, starless background.

None of the vibrant colors and swoopy curves that she’s known for — LotS has a scratchy, nervous energy that is a masterpiece of the comics form; if this is what she’s been working on while guest strips have been running at CQ, since mid-March, it’s a break well spent. Set aside half an hour and read through Lady of the Shard; then set aside an hour and read it again, taking in all the details and things said (but unsaid) in the space between all those pixels.

Edit to add: new Perry Bible Fellowship, for everybody that loves sound effects that are extra … effecty.

Spam of the day:

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Of course! I want to purchase all of the euphemisms from the Purple Rhino company, that is a thing that completely makes sense.

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