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[tap, tap] Is This Thing On?

Not quite back, but soon. Thanks for all of your support in what continues to be a challenging time. I also wanted to duck my head back in because if life had not interfered, I would have been running a review of Lucy Knisley’s Something New, which releases today. Short version then: it’s terrific (expectedly so, since it’s Knisley), and the entire book felt more real than real for me.

This is probably because even though I didn’t know it at the time, the story makes it clear that I know people who were at wedding that is the climax of the book¹; autobio has always felt a bit distant to me, learning what it’s like inside the life of somebody else who is not me and to whom I have only the connection of this story.

But being only a degree of separation away from the action, it becomes less life as story (which my brain is trained to read as fiction) and more a case of Did I tell you what happened at Lucy’s wedding? OMG it was so great which is immediately real. It doesn’t hurt that Knisley is such a personable presence, it’s like she’s telling somebody else the story about how what you did at her wedding was OMG so great. In conclusion, Lucy Knisley’s life journey keeps getting more interesting² and you should join her on it.

Spam of the day:

Pocket-Sized Wallet Holds 3 Dozen Cards, IDs, Money and More!

Part of what it holds is a malware warning for the advertised site. Anyway, I’ve already found the perfect low-profile wallet so eat it, spammers.

¹ Spoiler alert: they did.

² And given that her shop shows all shipments on hold for maternity leave, it’s going to be more so soon.

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