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A Periodic Reminder

Namely, that the vagaries of San Francisco real estate aside, the Cartoon Art Museum is very much a going concern, and permanent home or no, they are Doing Stuff. Quite a bit of Stuff in the coming weeks, in fact. Let’s take a look.

At this pace, there will not be a block or cultural institution in San Francisco that hasn’t done something in conjunction with CAM, and given that comics and cartoons are among the most widely distributed of the arts, that’s appropriate. Drop by either or both events, enjoy yourself, and when you see the donation jar that’s funding a new home for CAM, be generous.

Spam of the day:

Millions Already Awarded – You May Qualify

Oh gosh, is this about something that may have affected me like faulty brakes or a dangerous furnace? Oh. Vaginal mesh implants. Yeah, no, don’t got one o’ them.

¹ Alternately, the 64th, 6766th, 7524th, 3182nd, 5776th, 28th, or 105th year of (respectively) the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the Assyrian calendar, the Byzantine calendar, the Discordian calendar, the Hebrew calendar, the Heisei era, or the life of the Eternal President of a batshit crazy hermit nation/personality cult. Calendars are weird, man.

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