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Kickstarts Galore

This day in Great Outdoor Fight history: The Ides of March portend violence upon Caesar, and also we are introduced to the sub-Saharan comb-over. Also, we finally hear from The Latino Health Crisis, and are cruelly kept from returning Ramses Luther Smuckles.

  • Do you know what Kickstarter is? Of course we all do!
    And do you know what Retrofit Comics is? The Box Brown-run imprint has been putting out comics by a murderer’s row of independent and alternative creators for several years now, stretching back to their first endeavours in 2011.

    Time for a new campaign. The first was a series of 17 floppy comics; now they’re looking to put out six new comics and graphic novels with stretch goals for another six. The first tranche of creators includes Leela Corman, Alabaster Pizzo, Kaeleigh Forsyth, James Kochalka, Paloma Dawkins, Eleanor Davis, and Luke Howard; stretchers include Mari Naomi, Karine Bernadou, Anya Davidson, Tyler Landry, and Sophie Yanow. The goal is a bit steep — US$35,000 — but look at what you’re getting: a US$36 pledge gets you six comics, ranging from 32 to 100 pages. US$65 will get you all twelve (assuming they fund out) and overfunding will pay the creators more. In fact, that’s why the goal jumped more than three times from the US$9K campaign of 2011: so that the artists could be paid up front.

    Yeah, it’s a fairly high goal, with a fairly ambitious timetable, but this is not a first-timer that’s never built anything before; the creators being published are seasoned pros with many comics behind them, and the the publisher has been around for five years and more than 40 titles produced. It’s as close to a sure thing as you’re going to see. There’s three weeks to go and they’re presently just under 30% of the way to goal. Time to decide which creators you really love and to pick up some of their work.

  • And as long as we’re talking about Kickstarter, there’s one that’s about to launch for a project that some people have been waiting for for up to a dozen years. I speak, naturally, of the Irregular Webcomic reprint project coming from David Morgan-Mar and Make That Thing. There’s a video and everything, and once Morgan-Mar has all the last-minute fiddly bits worked out (not to mention once his brain defogs from his recent trip from his native Sydney to the US and Japan), we can expect to see the campaign launch. Sources¹ indicate this will likely be within the next fortnight. Start your drooling anticipation … now.

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¹ That would be the email that Morgan-Mar sent me.

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