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Typed With Two Fingers On Mobile Data

This day in Great Outdoor Fight history: No strip; there was no 29th of February in 2006.

Please forgive any autocorrections that remain.

  • Happy twelfth birthday to my Evil Twin, Howard Tayler. It’s gotta be rough only having a birthday every four years, but aging at one fourth the rate of the rest of us is a decent tradeoff. He’s youthful to the point that I suspect he may actually be aging backwards. In any event, may I suggest that you celebrate by reading his entire archive from the beginning? If you read four strips a day, you should be done by the next time his birthday comes around.
  • It entirely makes sense that The Woz is starting a comics convention in Silicon Valley. It makes even more sense that a passel of Bay Area webcomickers will be doing a podcast panel together On whether a webcomickers can form the basis of an arts career. The panel in question will take place at high noon on Sunday, 20 March at the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con, in the San Jose Convention Center’s Room 2. New shows are always an unknown factor, but I’m guessing that the well-known geek tendencies of The Woz, plus the fact that he’s pretty damn rich, give SVCC a better than even shot at being well-run out of the gate.
  • Well, dammit. I had a whole bit here about how Thought Bubble had announced its first slate of guests, including Faith Erin Hicks and The Toronto Man-Mountain, but a mis-timed choice to pay attention to the jury room manager means I wiped it accidentally. Look, just get your tickets for Leeds the first week of November (with the comic convention proper on the 5th and 6th); the middle part of England is nice then.

Spam of the day:

This is Genovera Killings. I’m in town. SHALL WE MEET Gary Ty Rrell?

Well gosh, how can I say no to somebody that says she saw my pictures on Facebook and needs a real cutie to give her “luv” and also is totally named like a James Bond femme fatale that fucks dudes to death? Sign me up, totally legit Russian dating site!

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