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No Post Today

This day in Great Outdoor Fight history: No strip; I imagine that the residents of 62 Achewood Court are starting to gather around Téodor’s computer.

Typing this via phone because I still don’t have phone or network. Reminder: Monday, I have jury duty and may not be able to post.

Spam Goddamned lie of the day:

Thank you for choosing Verizon, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

First of all, you have a monopoly, there’s no choice at all. Second, you have nothing but contempt for your customers and appreciate nothing but the multiple billions of profit you make each quarter. Lastly, fuck you.

I suppose being in emergency services means you have to have a land line, or I’d wonder why the heck you haven’t told them where to install their cables and gotten a wireless phone and a cable or satellite net connection.

Exactly! When power goes out (like Superstorm Sandy, I was out for a week), the ol’ Sports Illustrated Football Phone will work on copper pair when all the cell towers are down.

Also, to be honest, at this point I’m at least partially motivated by revenge. I will rest when Verizon has made my shit work again, preferably after experiencing at least as much aggravation as I have.

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