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Countdown Until Somebody With A 3D Printer Makes These Starts … Now!

This day in Great Outdoor Fight history: No strip; must be taking a while to find Sound And Motion.

So I’m about to go to the eye doctor and may not be able to see things clearly when I get back, so let me leave you with this before I go: Zach Weinersmith has some ideas for new chess pieces; I expect to see some of you playing on a board with Bishop-Kickers, Wilderness Preservers, and Gortak The World-Eater at the next BAH!Fest. Get to it, nerds.

Spam of the day:

your cheating partner notice

See, this isn’t very clear. Are you notifying me that my partner is cheating, or is this notice that I have been assigned a cheating partner? If it’s the latter, is this a random thing?

your partner cheating on you

Thank you for the clarification. I’m not sure what you’re getting at, though — Chuck, my EMT partner, doesn’t ride on any other nights or with any other crew. I think maybe you got me confused with somebody else!

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